Snakewoods - Last Call Jam

Snakewoods in Australia are unfortunately doomed for demolition, so James Fox put together this edit of Snakewood's Last Call Jam that they'd hosted as one last hurray. Its easy to appreciate the way these Aussie lads do it!  

Moments - Chase Born & Raised

I posted up lot-lizard in the 100degree heat and grabbed some snaps at Chase Hawk's Born and Raised contest this last weekend. I showed up early Saturday to grab some laps and ride the bowl with some of the younger riders who have that fresh perspective on BMX; enamored with everything, impressed by everybody, smiling and riding non-stop. Drank a lot of water, brushed some elbows, shot some shit.

2015 Van Doren Invitational - Practice

I'm stoked on a number of things;

1. That the Van Doren invitational exists. Concrete. 

2. That there are many riders now to watch w/ varying styles who kill shit, smoothly. Watching a bowl contest in the 90's was kind of like hanging around a barbecue waiting for someone to get knocked out. Nowadays you can relax and watch Mat Roe swim laps.

3. Ride BMX day edits. Ride covers things like this very well, particularly if you're interested in the riding and the day itself. Psyched on their continued efforts in this regard. They're content is below.

You'll never have to take down your Brian Foster posters.

For trail-riders and go-fast junkies alike, Brian Foster is one of the overseeing Kings. He's 42 years old, with a riding career spanning 33 of those.

In true OG BMX pro fashion, when Brian is releasing a part he's worked on, it comes with a video part proving it's worth. The hook at 2:22, and the ender require a remarkably niche skill-set in BMX, and a great tire also. Fucking hell, Mr. Foster. Thanks for continuing to put it on a poster for the fans, even after they've gotten to be 33 years old.

Keith Terra looks back on Panamoka

Panamoka was yet another spot lost to ignorance and bulldozers last year. Keith Terra wrote an article for DIG looking back on the trails, and compiled some of the photography he captured there over the last several years in memory. DIG Panamoka.

Photo: Keith Terra

Photo: Keith Terra

Zion: Rock of Refuge - Eric Hanson

We were happy to have had our time at Zion National Park last year, and fully expect a longer excursion in the future. Three cheers to Eric Hanson. Total brain melter.